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Surfskate Lessons Fuerteventura

Clases de surfskate en fuerteventura


Surfskate lessons in Fuerteventura (Corralejo) for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Make your surf better.

No waves? Would you like to keep improving? Enjoy our surfskate lessons in Fuerteventura!

The surfskate is the perfect tool to continue surfing when you are not in the water. Thanks to their front truck, along with the shape of the board and the wheels they mount, they will make you feel like you’re sliding through the waves!

GOALS of practicing surfskate:

Greater fluidity in movement transitions, improve technique in turns, gain confidence and balance, generate speed efficiently and of course practice it AGAIN AND AGAIN. Thanks to the surfskate we can repeat the same trick or maneuver as many times as we want! Unlike surfing, where we depend on the waves and the weather, with the surfskate it’s simple, grab your board and let’s practice!

Material include:

Surfskate y protections. We also work with the best surfskates brands.

What will we do in surfskate lessons?

For the initiation/begginer classes we will go to practice on flat surfaces or with little unevenness.

If, on the other hand, you already have an intermediate level and start trying maneuvers and tricks at higher speeds (cutbacks, snaps, 360º…) we will practice both on flat areas (technical) and in the surfskate bowl and skate park in Corralejo.

Spots for surfskate classes in Fuerteventura:

  • Skate park Corralejo located in front of C.C Campanario ( intermediate and advance levels )
  • Parking Tres Islas ( flat area perfect for begginers )
  • Bowl de surfskate: Located in La Oliva ( intermediate and advance levels )

Prices: 25 euros 1 lesson / 100 euros 5 lessons.

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